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BRAND Model Parameter BRAND Model Parameter
EPSON LQ1600K/LQ1000 12.7*14m FUJITSU DPK7600E 16*30m
LQ800/300 12.7*10m CITIZEN DP600/IR61 12.7*6m
LQ670K/680K 12.7*8m IR71/DP700 12.7*9m
LQ2170/ K 12.7*30m OLIVETTI PR2810 6.35*8m
LQ2900/LC2430 25.4*4m PR4-1 11*11m
LQ100 8*1.6m PR 6.35*14m
LQ630/635K 12.7*10m PR3 6.35*15m
LQ2090/KH 12.7*14m PR9 7*15m
LQ590/FX890 12.7*14m PR50/60 6.35*3m
LQ675KT/680 K 12.7*25m STAR PY2/BP2000 6.35*15m
LQ2868 12.7*30m PY6800/6880 8*25m
PLQ20K 6.35*25m BP3000/4915 10*25m
DLQ2000K 25.4*7m BP1000/DLQ1000/Gw6360 8*1.6m
DLQ1000 8*1.6m DASCOM DS300/DS2600 12.7*10m
DLQ3000/3250 25.4*10m DS400/DS6400A/DS3200H 12.7*20m
FX980 12.7*25m DS500/DS1000 12.7*8m
DFX9000 12.7*35m DS600/DS1100/1700 12.7*12m
DFX8000/5000 12.7*30m DS700/DS5400 12.7*25m
ERC02 12.7*5.5m DS800/DS6400 12.7*25m
ERC03 12.7*8m DS900/SK800 12.7*15m
ERC05 4*17cm DS2600/KX1668 12.7*15m
ERC09/22 4*20.8cm DS2000/BANK951 8*1.6m
ERC11 12.7*8m DS5400H/SK600 12.7*20m
ERC18 12.7*10m DS3200/GSX145 8*20m
ERC23 12.7*4m JOLIMARK FP530/540K/140D 8*12m
ERC27 10*3.5m FP660/700 8*14m
ERC28 12.7*4m FP5400/5800 8*18m
ERC30/34/38 12.7*4.5m FP8400 K/ FP745 12.7*8m
ERC31 12.7*9m FP580/570 12.7*25m
ERC32 12.7*8m FP7800/8800 12.7*30m
ERC35 12.7*9m PANASONIC KX1121 8*1.6m
ERC37 12.7*8m KX1131 12.7*10m
ERC39 12.7*5m KX170/2868 12.7*16m
STAR NX500/BP650 12.7*12m STAR SP100/SP500 12.7*3.5m
NX750/NX300 12.7*25m SP200/IBM4697 12.7*3.5m
CR3240/AR970 12.7*8m SP300/IBM4614 12.7*5m
AR4400 12.7*8m SP700 12.7*5m
AR6600 12.7*50m IBM IBM9068 8*1.6m
AR1000 12.7*12m IBM9068A-01 6.35*15m
TALLY TALLY2060/MT330 20*30m IBM9068A-03 6.35*15m
TALLY2250/MT131 12.7*20m IBM2380/2390 8*1.6m
TALLY6092/MT600 25.4*35m IBM4683/4694 11*12m
OKI OKI5320/182 8*1.6m IBM6400/P300 25.4*40m
OKI8358 8*1.6m IBM5577/4100 14.3*50m
OKI8340 8*1.6m Great wall GW5380/DP8000 12.7*16m
OKI400/720 8*1.6m Great wall GW5360/DP600 12.7*12m
OKI5560 12.7*20m PSI PP405 25.4*30m
OKI5760/5730 12.7*20m PP407 25.4*30m
OKI5660/5860 7*20m NEC NECP3300 8*1.6m
OKI5960/FP21A 9*20m NECP5300/6300 12.7*8m
OKI1190C/740 12.7*12m NIXDORF ND9A 12.7*6m
OKI5100/5150 12.7*12m ND98/RS11 10*7m
OKI8450 12.7*20m ND210 11*7m
OKI8360/393 12.7*30m ND77 11*12m
OKI6100/760F/7150 12.7*20m NP06/07 10*6m
OKI590 8*1.6m NCR NCR5685 12.7*8m
FUJITSU DPK100 6.35*18m NCR7156 8*1.6m
DPK200 9*25m CITIZEN MD910 4*195mm
DPK300 12.7*20m BROTHER M2024 10*4m
DPK500/900/8680 12.7*25m Vertex/ Amano TR810/EX600 12.7*1.5m
DPK700/710 12.7*16m AMANO ET8000 12.7*1.5m
DPK800/810/8580 12.7*16m AMANO BX1500 12.7*1.5m
DPK8780 7*16m GR/TOSHIBA GR24/41/42 spool
DPK8400/8100 8*1.6m GR1 spool
DPK3600/MS2401 12.7*8m VERIFONE VERIFONE-900 12.7*8m
DPK3600E/3600H 12.7*8m SHARP IR40 12.7*3m
DPK7000 10*8m IR40T B/R
All other model or customization is available to us